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Garden planner layout using Garden Mats weed barrier
"I have not had such a good melon
crop in over 35 years." - Edward C. Smith, author of The Vegetable Gardener's Bible
"Our romas are the size of beefsteaks.
Unbelievably great product!" - Beverly Hanset Burch, 
Gresham, Oregon
  1. Block sunlight to stop weeds
  2. Let air and water through
  3. Retain moisture and reduce erosion
  4. Moderate soil temperature
Features & Benefits

Mulch is one of the most effective ways to fight weeds, retain soil moisture, and nurture healthy, productive plants. But some mulches are more effective than others.

All About Mulch

Garden Mats are designed for versatility. And while each pattern can accomodate a wide variety of plants, we have suggestions for the optimal pairing of mat and veggie.

How to Choose Your Mats

The Organic Gardener’s Choice

Organic gardeners everywhere choose GardenMats as their environmentally friendly weed control solution.

Provides natural
weed control.
Lets in air
and water.
Increases yields
by 10 to 20%.

Natural Weed Control for All Locations and Settings

GardenMats come in different sizes and pre-cut layouts to fit any garden, from a small home plot with tomatoes, potatoes, and peas to acres of organic produce for the commercial market.

A Weed Barrier Designed to Last

Unlike cheap plastic or flimsy fiber weed barriers that wear out after a single season, GardenMats last up to 10 years. That means less environmental impact and a greater return on your investment.

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