Testimonials from Garden Mats Customers

The best part of our job is when we get letters, phone calls and emails telling us how Garden Mats have transformed a customer’s garden.

Recently, we heard from Sue Makowiecki of New Boston, NH. She was a bit skeptical of Garden Mats at first. Could they really do what we claimed? But then she tried Garden Mats—and was blown away by their performance. Here’s what Sue had to say:

“Early in the spring I placed an order (about $500 worth). I was hesitant placing it because that is a huge amount of money for me to invest in my garden, but I was so tired of battling weeds, watering, and attempting to lay down cheap black gardening fabric year after year… I have never been more pleased with any product that I have purchased.  It is better than I could have ever had hoped for.”

That’s a typical experience for a new Garden Mats customer. At first they have their doubts. After all, we’re making a remarkable promise: that Garden Mats will absolutely transform the way you garden. And many of the people who visit our web site have already suffered through bad solutions, from flimsy landscape fabric that doesn’t block weeds to cheap plastic weed barriers that last only one season. So they want to know: can Garden Mats really do what we claim they can do?

You bet they can, and our customers prove it, day after day. Take Ray McCormack of Washington, VT, who matched Garden Mats against two other solutions: a cheaper weed block material, and keeping a bed uncovered. Ray’s experiment produced some very interesting results.

“I fought with weeds all growing season on the uncovered bed and had a substandard crop,” Ray wrote. “The second bed was covered with a well-known product, but it was totally ineffective. The third bed was covered with Garden Mats and proved almost maintenance free. It had no weeds growing under it and produced an abundant crop.”

What happens once people try Garden Mats? Like Randy McBride of Berwick, PA, they come back for more.

“I had a large area [to garden], and last year I purchased 4 mats just to see how it helped with the weeds. I was concerned they would not let water through evenly when I placed them. But they did very well and saved me untold hours of weeding. So this year I decided to order more and cover another large area. I think I will be on the golf course instead of pulling weeds.”

Letters like these are just one reason why we offer our customers a 100%, money back, two-year guarantee. That’s right. If you try Garden Mats and they don’t do what we say they will do, just return them within two years of the date of purchase, and we’ll refund your money. Because we are happy when you are happy. It’s as simple as that.

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