In the words of our customers


Just a note to let you know that I have used your mats for over a year (Florida has gardening all year long) whoo-hoo!! I love your mats, they reduce weeding by 99 percent. Because of our daily/weekly rains weeds run rampant in a vegetable garden and your mats are a weeding saver. Not only does it keep the weeds down, but if you don’t step all over the mat it also keeps the soil friable. What a great idea you had. Can’t say enough good things about your mats. Easy to clean, easy to put down, easily the best veggies I have ever grown. THANKS.

- Connie Schauer, 
Lake Butler, Florida


I’ve used four of the 12′ Garden Mats for about 4 years. They are a complete game changer when it comes to the amount of time needed to tend to the garden. I use them mainly for peppers and tomatoes.

This is my spring routine: I rototill the garden then lay the mats down and secure them with metal garden staples. I hook up a watering system on top of the mats. Then I dig out some dirt where the holes are, and the plants go in. My watering system is on a timer and gets water two times a day for 15 minutes. I also use grass clippings to put around each plant as I have it available.

In the fall, I compost all the plants. The mats get rinsed off with the garden hose, I leave them to dry, roll up and put in the shed until spring. This will be our fifth year using them and they still look great.

With the garden mats in place, there’s literally no weeds. The worst part of gardening is the weeding. Garden Mats eliminate that chore. You will love them!


Avid gardener from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Laura Anderson, Cedar Rapids, IA


It’s been going very well! Best yields I have ever had. Less maintenance (weeding) in the hot summer months. I need to work on spacing between mats for next year. I have been sharing your website with many friends. Thank you for your product, it has made this year’s gardening more enjoyable!

I have attached a picture of the morning view of my gardens.


Garden at Sunrise

Jillian Parsons, Huntington, IN


I just finished planting 600+ garlic down here; a bit late, but they were unaffected by my late-planting last year and there was no snow cover during the winter.

Peter, every time I go near my garlic or onions I am so grateful for your Garden Mats. They are so super. My oldest ones are about 4 years old and show no sign of ultraviolet damage. Laying out the garlic (or onion) sets is so much easier with the mats. They certainly help with the weeding!

Those mats are really wonderful. I’ll be expanding my garden next year (got a great price for my garlic) so will pickup a couple more 18-ft #1’s and another 18-ft #2  this fall or next spring.

- Stewart Clark, Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts


Hi Peter…

Just wanted to drop you a “long overdue” e-mail regarding my purchase.

I wish I would have taken more pictures but I can tell you that my purchase will pay for itself this year.  My crop yield was astronomical last year.  Melons and pickles really out did themselves.  I have never had such a bumper crop like I did last year with everything.

Would strongly recommend your Garden Mats.



Dena from Marysville, MIchigan


These things are a lifesaver!! I will never not have them. If only there was a way to control the weeds that grow up through the holes, but otherwise .. . . Absolutely the easiest gardening experience I’ve ever had.

Jamie Clithero, Stark City, MO

New Hampshire

I purchased your mats this summer and did some comparative planting. The zucchini are the best example. The ones on the mat have been producing for two weeks and the one that was not on the mat, but from the same nursery, has yet to yield anything but blossoms. And one from seed is not doing anything either.

Tomatoes are going great also. And as you said so easy to weed. And the beans are also great. Don’t even get my pants muddy or dirty when I pick them as the mat keeps me clean. And they don’t get dirt on them that has to be washed off.
Again, weeding is a breeze and so is picking. The other rows I planted without the mat are going to be harder as I am spoiled by the convenience of the mat…

Just wanted to let you know that every day we remark on the good luck we had in finding your information and that we were willing to take a risk and experiment. Thank you again.

- Johanna and Pete Kent, Marlow, New Hampshire

New Hampshire

I wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with your product. Early in the spring I placed an order (about $500 worth). I was hesitant placing it because that is a huge amount of money for me to invest in my garden, but I was so tired of battling weeds, watering, and attempting to lay down cheap black gardening fabric year after year that I was willing to give your product a try.

I have never been more pleased with any product that I have purchased. It is better than I could have ever had hoped for. Installing it in the spring was super fast and easy. I did order extra garden staples from you and used them all (we have an extremely windy area). My garden mats never lifted even an inch all season long. Zero weeds came through, and the watering was minimal. I’m heading out today to “put my garden to bed”, and it is such a good feeling knowing how simple that will be this year. I look forward to starting all over again with it next year. You guys totally rock!

- Sue Makowiecki, New Boston, New Hampshire

New Hampshire

Good morning Peter!

Yes, this is my first year with your mats, or any mats for that matter. I was intending on contacting you in the near future to let you know my thoughts and experience with your product. In short…I LOVE THEM.  My husband and I are thrilled with the results so far! We are in the middle of our growing season here in NH and because of the pandemic we decided to have a larger than usual garden (we usually have an average sized garden) but that meant so much more work…weeding is a drag!  And since we are getting up there in years (mid 50s) we are not as up to the task as we used to be so we thought we’d try your mats after seeing your commercials on the local station (WMUR). We did plant some without mats as well. Central NH has been hit with a dry season, moderate drought in fact, and very hot 90+ heat waves (3 so far since spring) and your mats helped considerably with holding in moisture so I didn’t have to water as much. The rest of my garden that didn’t have mats was a dust bowl unless I watered every day.  They do save me much time with weeding. They are high quality, easy to manage and with the size staples you recommend they hold perfectly.  We plan on buying more next year! My only small suggestion for improvement would be to somehow mark the number size of mat on them so you can identify them easier in future years after you have used them and taken them out of their packaging. Just stamp them on one corner or something with a #7 or #8 or whatever. That would make life a little easier I think! But I love them and we are definitely glad we purchased them and we’ve told all our family and friends! If you would like me to give you a testimonial or review for your website I’d be happy to.

Thanks again!

Stay safe and healthy.

Kathleen Robbins, Webster, NH


I cannot BELIEVE the amount of produce that we have this year. With less than half the work! What with our rain barrels and the mats, our water consumption is down! Our romas are the size of beefsteaks. Unbelievably great product!

- Beverly Hanset Burch, 
Gresham, Oregon


I have a large area and last year I purchased 4 mats just to see how it helped with the weeds. I was concerned that they would not let water through evenly when I placed them. But they did very well and saved me untold hours of weeding. So this year I decided to order more and cover another large area. I think I will be on the golf courses instead of in the garden pulling weeds!!

- Randy McBride, 
Berwick, PA


I’ve been using Garden Mats for years.  I had quit gardening for a few years as I was getting older. Then I heard about Garden Mats and they changed my life. I started gardening again at age 70. I now have two gardens.

Why?  Because it’s hardly any work. Pure joy. Recommend highly.

Janet Johnson, Mountain Top, PA


I first used your Garden Mats here in Austin, Texas last year and was very pleased. The mats held up well to the sun with only some fading of the green color. There didn’t seem to be any degradation of the material or brittleness.

- Jeff C, Austin, TX


I used one of the Garden Mats for a bed of melons. There were more holes than there were plants; I just spaced 3 melon plants as I liked and left the extra holes to do as they wished, wondering at the time whether weeds might grow there. Weeds didn’t grow there or anywhere else in the bed, and the melons thrived. It has been a very good garden year all round, but I’m guessing the Garden Mats had something to do with the exceptional outcomes. I have not had such a good melon crop in over 35 years. I think you have a very good product here; thanks for letting me try them.

- Edward C. Smith, author of The Vegetable Gardener's Bible


The results were great. I estimate that the yield was increased by 10-20% and I was able to grow a longer season fruit. I always recommend that people mulch. This type of groundcover produces the same results and is especially valuable if you have weed issues. I prefer the reusability and the permeability of Garden Mats over the other ag products.

- Kevin Thompson,
 Commercial Organic Grower, 
Highland Garden,
 Worcester, VT


I do not have the best soil. It has a lot of clay and loam, so when it rains, like last year, I can lose a lot of money. But the cukes I grew using the Garden Mats did incredibly well. I want another 100′ Garden Mat for tomatoes this year. Garden Mats work wonderfully.

- Alan LePage, Commercial Organic Grower, 
East Barre, VT


Our vegetable garden was the best ever this year! Almost no weeding, little need for watering beyond that which mother nature provided, and room for everything to develop using several mats with a variety of holes. I planted all by seeds, directly into the garden soil, and every one germinated developing into strong healthy plants.

I had to completely redo my perennial flower garden this year so I also purchased mats to try in that garden, particularly to keep the more aggressive plants from spreading and taking over. I planted in each hole and then covered the mats with cedar mulch. So far so good. Every single plant survived and some of them were pretty poor looking when I planted them.

My only question will be how they will do over the winter since I plan to leave the mats down permanently and redo the mulch on top of them every year. I will let you know how this works out. Thanks for a great product!

- Marcia Penley, Marshfield, VT


We are returning customers. We drove up to see you last spring, took a tour of your facility, and purchased 12 of the Garden Mats. Since they did a fine job (and looked as good as new when we put them away at the end of the gardening season), we thought we would get another bunch of your mats so we can do even less weeding and watering next year.

The mats worked great for everything we planted in them: peppers, summer squash, cucumbers (trellised), beets, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, bush beans and sweet potatoes. This was our third year trying sweet potatoes and this time we used the Garden Mats (#5) instead of the usual black plastic, which is messy to clean up at the end of the season. We ended up with our best harvest of sweet potatoes by far.

One good side effect of using the mats; because the spacing is already determined by the holes we were able to allow our 7 year old son to do much more of the planting than in the past. Every seed gets the spacing it requires, our son loves planting and its awesome that he gets involved in the garden. Thank you for developing Garden Mats.

- Bruce and Liz Steventon, 
Rochester, VT


I currently have three raised beds. Last year I left one bed uncovered, covered the second bed with another product and used Garden Mats on the third. I fought with weeds all growing season with the uncovered bed and had a substandard crop. The second bed was covered with a well-known product but it was totally ineffective. Weeds grew under the cover raising the cover off the ground 5-6 inches. This was more of a nightmare than the uncovered bed. The third bed was covered with Garden Mats and proved almost maintenance free. It had no weeds growing under it and produced an abundant crop. In the
fall I simply brushed it off and rolled it up for storage. Next season I will cover all three beds with Garden Mats.

- Ray McCormack, Washington, VT


I’m thrilled with my Garden Mats. This is my second garden season using them. They do everything as promised: moderate soil temperature (great for warm season crops), keep weeds down, and keep moisture in. The time that is normally used weeding is spent doing other things.

An added bonus in our garden is that our free-range chickens will peck and scratch around newly planted crops, often killing tender seedlings. They don’t do this in the Garden Mat sections of the garden. So I give them their other areas where they do their thing and the Garden Mats protect the seedlings I want protected. Thank you for a great product.

- Barbara Raab,
 Adjunct Professor, 
University of Vermont


Garden Mats work great, especially for tomatoes, broccoli, and other bedding plants.  The pre-measured holes in rows make it easier to sow and manage the plantings without  weeding.

- Chris Dinnan,
 Wallingford, VT


Spacing and organizing the garden was much easier. Weeding was virtually non-existent where we used the Garden Mats. We have a heavy crab grass invasion and the garden mats controlled it easily. Where we did not use the garden mats we had to weed constantly to stay ahead of the crab grass.

We liked the increased soil temps for hot hungry plants. We like the pre-measured spacing for different plants, too. We had a very cool and wet spring and early summer. I have struggled for years to get a crop of eggplants. This year all my eggplants produced lovely fruits. I don’t think I would have gotten any without Garden Mats. Tomatoes did very well, too.

- Skip Hoblin and Mimi Benedict
, Huntington Center, VT


I grew onions, tomatoes, radishes, beets, cukes, green and yellow squash, beans, and lettuces. The results were very good. Garden Mats were easy to work with and there was almost no weeding. Give Garden Mats a try. They make planting much easier and cut down weeding almost completely.

I ordered custom Garden Mats. I just told Peter the size of my garden and gave him a list of what I wanted to grow. He designed the best layout for my garden. I can even move the Garden Mats around to rotate the crops from year to year.

- Jack Mitchell, 
Websterville, VT


We use GardenMats for growing our garlic. In the past we have grown 2 beds of garlic side by side. The bed grown with the Garden Mat, garlic fists were 25% larger, and the weeding was minimal. Garden Mats help retain moisture in the soil which contributes to more microbial activity. I am about to order more mats for my onions.

Brian Prendergast, N. Middlesex, VT


I don’t believe I would garden were it not for these mats!  I like to set it and forget it and these fit the bill 100%.  I tell all my friends about them as they last and last and also help to keep moisture in.  Now, if they would just deter the bunnies and deer…    Thank you!

Susyn Dees, Essex Junction, VT

I have a small garden, about 10′ x 30′.   After several years of watching the weeds take over each year, just when the vegetables should mature, I was about to give up.

Finding Garden Mats changed everything. With just a few hours of weeding throughout the season, I am in control.  No weed problem now.


Tom Emory, Waitsfield, VT


Thank you Peter for the best garden in 30 years! With your product anyone can enjoy fresh organic vegetables without all the work of weeding. I will be back for more next year.

- Howard C., Gordon, WI


We loved your product – it worked great! It was amazing even during a drought. In fact we were gone for one whole week in July and when we got back home, I figured our basil would be withered up and dead. But it was lush and green, ready for harvest! And the squash on the mats produced about 30% more than the other plants. Thanks for such a useful product.

- Jean F., 


My wife and I live in Wisconsin. We have a large garden which provides us with 90% of our vegetables.   Over the past 40 years we have had a constant struggle with weeds.   We are both in our 70’s and are always looking for shortcuts.

A few years ago, we discovered Garden Mats.   We first tried them in our broccoli patch, then cauliflower and finally peppers and tomatoes.   We LOVE them.   Plants are now evenly spaced, the mats are reusable, and although we still have some weeds, they are now completely manageable!

Last year we discovered “potato bags”…what a life changer!   No more digging hills and spending the night on a heating pad!

Gary and Sue Howards, Oregon, WI