Mulch: An Investment with Huge Dividends

What, exactly is mulch? It’s material that covers the soil around your garden plants to stop weed growth, retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and reduce erosion. Mulch dramatically reduces chores like weeding and watering, and it helps you grow bigger, healthier, more productive plants. That means more food from every plant you grow, and a better bottom line.

In short, mulch is a gardening investment that pays huge dividends. No wonder everyone from home gardeners to commercial farms and municipal parks departments love mulch.

Avoid Problem Mulches

Gardeners use a number of different kinds of mulch, from straw and newspaper to sheets of black plastic. But many of these mulches create problems. Some, like bark, sawdust, or even cardboard, may be treated with toxic chemicals like formaldehyde. Others, such as newspapers, are hard to handle, degrade quickly, and don’t always stop weeds from growing. Black plastic and cheap hardware store landscape fabric may be the worst of all. They wear out in a single season, end up in the landfill, and cost you a bundle to replace.

Garden Mats: The Best Way to Mulch

We created Garden Mats to overcome all of these problems. Garden Mats are safe for organic gardens. Their precut holes and premeasured spacing make them easy to use. Best of all, Garden Mats block weeds, retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, prevent erosion, and much more for up to ten full years. That’s why we call Garden Mats the best way to mulch, and we’re certain you will, too.

Start Your Weed-Free Garden