Time is Precious

Posted on November 12, 2022 by Peter Comart  |  10 comments

As we approach the holidays, I am reminded that one of the most precious things we can give others, especially this time of year, is our time.  Once all the presents are opened and all the food is gone, we hope what remains valued and cherished most is the time spent with each other, be it family, friends, colleagues, neighbors or all of the above.


Shallots, peppers, and artichokes growing in garden mats weed barrier

And, if you are trying to think of a perfect holiday gift for someone you know who loves to grow vegetables, or someone who would like to start, please consider Garden Mats.  Especially if you think that special someone has better things to do with their time instead of weeding.

When you give Garden Mats you give those you care about, more precious time to spend with the people they love, doing the things they love to do.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Garden Mats!

Wishing everyone another weed-free garden in 2023.

Warmest regards,


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  1. audrahannah says:

    We love our garden mats. I’ve used them for 10 years in a variety of configurations and for every kind of veggie growable in zone 3. Garden mats has been a great investment for my home gardens.

    Audra Flanagan Hermantown, MN

  2. Frances Bailey says:


  3. Tom says:

    I have used garden mats for several years. I love them, but this year because I have had back surgery and leaving them in place. Hope they will hold up. I live in ne.pa.

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