A Great Holiday Gift!

Posted on November 1, 2017 by Peter Comart  |  6 comments

When you give Garden Mats, you are giving the gift of time.


vegetable garden without weeds

We want our customers to spend more time with the people they love and doing the things they love to do.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Garden Mats!



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  1. Joannebarup says:

    I have enjoyed my mats for a few years now and have purchased for family members also. They do make life so much easier especially when you have mobility problems. I will send pictures if you would like them. Thank you so much! If people tried them they would never used anything else.

    • Peter Comart says:

      So glad to hear that Garden Mats work for you and others in your family. They do make it easier for people with mobility problems. And no matter your physical condition, they save you untold amounts of time.

      Yes, please send some pics. We are always looking for new ones.

      I agree, once you try them, you will never go back. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. shimyf250 says:

    I was very happy with your garden mats! The shipping rates were a bit expensive, but if the mats last as long as you say, then they are worth it.

    • Peter Comart says:

      So glad to hear you are happy with your purchase. Yes, the handling and shipping costs are a bit high (it gets more and more challenging if you don’t ship 50,000 parcels a month like Amazon), but the price of the mats and the fact that they last so long makes it more than worth it. Promise.

  3. naturemyth says:

    Pick anything you like from my case & I’ll take a credit.
    Bill Butler

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