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Posted on March 20, 2022 by Peter Comart  |  19 comments
vegetable garden without weeds

This 2,200 square foot garden only took 3 hours of weeding all season. It used to take 150+ hours without Garden Mats.

We love it when customers tell it like it is.

Send us your testimonial. Review our product. Give us the dirt. Tell us your Garden Mats story. Tell us what you tell others when they see your garden. Tell us what you tell others when you talk about your Garden Mats.  And if you can dig out any good pictures of your garden, send them along too.  All the better.

Email your testimonial or send by mail to:

Garden Mats
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  1. Pamela Klein says:

    Can’t wait to use my Garden Mats again this year. No weeding, less pests, higher yields of produce. I put them down as soon as the snow is gone and plant in May in Upstate NY. Thank you for making gardening so easy and enjoyable. I recommend them to everyone who is amazed at how great my garden looks. People say “oh so much work” and I respond “Not with my Garden Mats!!!”💚Garden Mats

  2. yankeejej says:

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  3. margo.howland says:

    Looking forward to trying garden mats. Question: Are the ones with openings actually open or do you just press on a perforated area to make an opening?

  4. nerak194 says:

    I’ve used Garden Mats for years. They last and last and do what they promise – keep weeds down.

  5. tepbug says:

    Your mats are the best. They are as good as new after a few years. Have recommended to several people.

  6. karenlm2009 says:

    I love these mats. I’ve had a few of my mats for almost 8 years and they are still in good condition.  I recommend these to anyone who wants to keep weeds to a minimum, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it.

  7. Joannebarup says:

    You probably can tell me how long I’ve had my mats, I have to say at least 10 years. They have been so wonderful for me because of my health. Once I put the garden the mats take care of my plants the whole summer. They are so easy to use and easy to clean to get ready for the next growing season. I have purchased mats for friends and family and they all have been so pleased because of the fact that there is very little weeding. The plants are so much healthier because of lack of weeds and the mats warm the earth up quicker in the spring. I would recommend garden mats for any novice or old pro gardener. Thank you Garden Mats!

  8. Erica Heilman says:

    I just saw that you live in Worcester Vermont! I live in East Calais, and found you entirely by accident online. Well…not by accident. I’ve been trying to imagine a way to start a permaculture garden over a vast area, and I’m always overwhelmed at the prospect of ‘grass to plant conversion’. I keep thinking that I’d like to begin by replacing the grass over a vast area with a ground cover that doesn’t require mowing…but I can’t imagine covering that much area with cardboard. It’s about 3/4 acre I’m thinknig to start with. I wonder if your mats might work? Might allow me to both plant a carpet of, say, white clover and sedum and some other things, while also killing/compsosting the grass? I was hoping the mat might give the groundcover plants time to fill in. Is this possible? I would be so excited if it is! Thank you!

  9. barchase says:

    I once talked with a world-famous landscape architect, who when asked what should I plant said, “Nothing, you don’t want to work in your old age.” Well, with Garden Mats now covering my 16 ’by 30’ vegetable garden my gardening has never been easier and the productivity as good.  Living in the area saves shipping cost, but if I lived on the west coast, I’d still find much valued product essential.     
    Ben Chase Worcester, VT

  10. Ray says:

    It’s so nice to see all the greenery.

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