Dreaming of Next Year’s Garden

Posted on March 12, 2014 by Peter Comart  |  no comments yet
garden mats winter garden

Our garden in the winter

garden mats spring garden

Our garden come spring

This time of year, when I drop off a shipment of Garden Mats at the local post office, I often return with a couple of seed catalogs. They’re perfect fuel for a cold evening’s plotting. Which heirloom tomatoes should I grow this year? What’s the perfect balance between plums and beefsteaks? Can I coax those yellow doll watermelons to produce during our short season? And will this be the year when we get just the right combination of sunlight, warmth, and rain?

Of course, there are some things that the winter gardener seldom thinks about. While their reveries of gardens to come often include colorful perennial blooms and vines hanging heavy with veggies, they seldom think about the labor required to make a productive garden happen.

And why should they? Nobody likes to worry about battling weeds and lugging garden hoses when they could be envisioning the perfect garden. But the fact is, thinking about weeds and watering in the dead of winter could make your next garden your best ever, and your gardening life even better.

For just a moment, imagine how much your garden labor would be reduced if you could eliminate almost all of the weeds from your garden. Then think about how much easier life would be if you could cut down on watering and increase your garden’s yield by 10-20%.

Garden Mats make all of this happen, and winter is a great time to order them. So whether you live in the cold wintry north or warmer southern climes, take the time to envision your weed-free garden. Then choose and order the Garden Mats that are right for you. You’ll transform the way you garden. And you’ll give me an excuse to make a run to the post office. There might be some more seed catalogs there, just waiting to inspire my dreams.

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