Garlic Time!

Posted on September 1, 2016 by Peter Comart  |  2 comments

garlicFall is the perfect time of year in the North to plant garlic.  You can plant any time from now until the ground freezes.  But, the sooner the better.  If you live in a warmer climate, early spring is the best time to plant garlic.

We recommend Garden Mat #1. The 3″ holes are spaced 6″ apart in four rows, which is ideal for garlic.

Before you plant, we recommend you till in some good compost or manure into the soil, rake the surface smooth and install the mats.  Pick your favorite variety of garlic and plant one clove per hole about 2” deep, pointy tip facing up and the basal / root end facing down.

Within a few weeks you should see some small green shoots pop up and they may grow to 2″ to 6″ before the ground freezes.  Since Garden Mats are mulch, they help protect against winter kill in the coldest climates. Garden Mats moderate the soil temperature, keep weeds in check, and retain soil moisture.

In the spring, your garlic will be the first to appear.  All you have to do is finger pluck the weeds and wait until July or early August.  When the leaves brown, it is harvest time!

Garden Mats make growing garlic easy.  Do it now and you will love the results next summer!



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  1. tmwoodard69 says:

    Good morning to all I bought 4 #1 garden mats last year and planted 120 cloves, they turned out fantastic with minimal weeding this year I will plant 160. I make my own garlic powder, and crushed garlic, and I cook with it every day.
    Thank you

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