Tell Your Family, Friends and Neighbors! Order Early!

Posted on February 4, 2024 by Peter Comart  |  12 comments

Nice and neat. We recommend succession planting so everything does not come in all at once.

“Give them a quality product.  That’s the best kind of advertising,”  said Milton Hershey.

Ever since Garden Mats began in 2002, we made a commitment to exceed customer expectations for quality.   And I would add, performance.   While we advertise that our mats beat weeds and will last up to 10 years, many of our customers have gotten over 13 years of use out of our mats.   And if that doesn’t convince you, this might.   In our 22 years, we have only had 8 returns because people were not satisfied.  And when I asked one of those 8 customers why she was not satisfied, she said:  “There were weeds in all the holes.”   She got a full refund.

Next to a giving everyone a quality product — a product that does what we say it does — we believe that our best advertising is word of mouth.   So many of our customer write us to say that they tell all their family, friends and neighbors how much they love our product.

This year I strongly suggest that you tell your family, friends and neighbors to order early!!  It’s why I am writing now.  Given how website visits and sales have been since we have been back in business after last year’s fire, it is possible that we could sell out of certain patterns and lengths this spring.

Thanks for passing the word.


The Mat Man!

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  1. Dpgllc says:

    So very, very glad you’re back in business. TOP quality product that lasts for years when taken care of at end of season!!!!

  2. kinnon.diane says:

    Excellent product.  I have used them for many years.  I highly recommend it!!

  3. Colene says:

    Best mats , been reusing them for years. Makes gardening easy

  4. nerak194 says:

    I’m good on mats, but I really need some stakes. What do you have? Thanks.

  5. rockinc.ranch says:

    I’m really looking forward to getting my garden spot all cleaned out and organized this spring  I have used garden mat in my vegetable garden for many years now. Don’t want to deal with those weeds!! Garden mat has lessened the work and increased the enjoyment of growing my plants. Thank you, Peter.
    Sincerely,Diane C

    • Peter Comart says:

      I’m with you!! I can’t wait to get to next season’s garden.

      Like one of our local customers says, with Garden Mats gardening is fun again.

      Glad you like our product.

      The Mat Man

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