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Posted on January 2, 2015 by Peter Comart  |  19 comments
vegetable garden without weeds

This 2,200 square foot garden only took 3 hours of weeding all season. It used to take 150+ hours without Garden Mats.

We love it when customers tell it like it is.

For all of our loyal customers, and the countless others that you have told, we want to celebrate and thank you for our fourteenth season with a “Tell It Like It Is” contest to start the year off right. We want to put your words in the spotlight.

Send us your testimonial. Review our product. Give us the dirt. Tell us your Garden Mats story. Tell us what you tell others when they see your garden. Tell us what you say in the kitchen or at the dining room table.  And if you can dig out any good pictures of your garden, send them along too.  All the better.

The deadline is March 1, 2015. First place: $150 worth of products. Second place: $100 worth of products. Third place: $50 worth of products.

Email your entry or send by mail to:

Garden Mats
374 Calais Road
Worcester, VT 05682

Make sure your entry has your name, address, phone number and email address so we can contact you.

Winners will receive notice by March 15, 2015.

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  1. Michael says:

    We’ve been using our garden mats (same ones) for six years now and they still perform the same as when they were new. I can’t imagine planting without them. I simply don’t have time after work to weed the garden and the mats help ensure I don’t have to. A quick rinse and dry at the end of the season and they’re ready for next year.

  2. Tom Weeks says:

    I have been using garden mats for three years and have saved countless hours of weeding with this product. At 61, I have been able to increase the number of raised beds because I do not have to spend a lot of time weeding and recovering on the couch after weeding.

  3. Carrie Ingalls says:

    We love your mats. We brought a few cause my husband hurt is back so weeding was too much. With garden mats we till in the spring, lay our mats; plant. Very little weeding after plants come up. We will be ordering a few more this coming spring. Thank you for making gardening a pleasure again.

  4. Suzann Mcfeat says:

    I used the mats for the first time last year. I LOVED THEM. My plants grew but the weeds did not.

  5. K. Hoffman says:

    I found garden mats while searching for a way to control weeds so my 80 year old mother could continue to garden. She could no longer keep up with pulling weeds and was about to quit gardening. She felt that using weed killer sprays counter acted the purpose of raising her own vegetables. These mats have really been a blessing. Her gardens have been much cleaner and more productive than they had been for years. We are both very pleased with the garden mats.

    The only suggestion I have for improvement of the mats would be to put 1/4″ grommets in the mat for the anchors. Or at least offer the option for an additional cost.

    Thank you,
    K. Hoffman

  6. Cheri Theis says:

    I have been using my Garden Mats for two summers. I am so pleased with them, they look exactly as they did when I first got them, except for the addition of some dirt. I have some black landscaping fabric, and it definitely has not held up as well as the Garden Mats.

    I will be getting more of this in the future. It’s a great product that lives up to it’s description.

  7. Rebecca Riehm says:

    I am a college teacher and life long garden lover. My husband and I have some acreage in a rural setting with vacant open fields, woods, and some farmed land next to ours. He keeps bees so he is very concerned about pesticide and herbicide use near our gardens and his hives so I always avoid those. We also have horses so fertilizer is all natural!

    Since I am very busy at the college in the spring semester, I have few hours to devote to weeding during the essential time period after planting. Before we began using Garden Mats I had just about given up any hope of having a vegetable garden – the weeds seeded in from adjoining land and within a few weeks of planting in spring…it became a hopeless weed emporium! Tall, healthy, happy weeds!

    A couple of years ago I decided to spend the money for your Garden Mats. We are both so delighted with the results. Putting your mats on top of our horse manure fertilized soil has brought us bumper crops of everything! We get more veggies on less land and with less effort and no chemicals. This was an investment for our health and we both take lots of veggies to our co-workers every summer and fall!

    Thank you for a great product that reduces labor and increases healthy living.

  8. A few years ago, while searching for ways to reduce the amount of weeds in my garden, as well as reduce the time expended to remove them, I came upon this site. I had a few telephone conversations and traded e-mails with Pete and the rest is history. My first garden (approx. 22 ft X 88 ft) is covered with his product. Besides the significantly reduced amount of weeds, esthetically, the garden looks great.

    Two years later and a few more purchases from Pete and I started a 2nd garden on the site of my CPA practice. The garden size is 20 X 45. Again, it is all covered with Garden Mats. And last year, my daughter Linnzi who built a home the year before, asked me for some mats for her home in Dowingtown, PA. She is also a believer in the product. If there is any doubt as to the validity of these statements, simply go to my FACEBOOK page and review the pictures that I posted these last two years. The bounty is not just the results of the Garden Mats; but they are a very important part of the process. Respectfully yours, Bernie Fagnani

  9. ellen jenks says:

    Love the garden mats. Love to win, in need of more.

  10. Raymond Davis says:

    We used these for the 1st time last year and plan on visiting this spring to get more. We love the mats and noticed a much larger crop as well as less weeds. Thank you for making our Gardening better.

  11. Linda Mathews says:

    I got my first garden mats 4 years ago and have added more each year. Now my garden is completely covered and what a difference it has made. I even ordered solid mats (no holes) to use on a back fence line and path way. They are wonderful. I have sent many friends to you.
    Congratulations on such a needed product.

  12. heather couture says:

    I have a garden that is approx 60×80 and I have been adding more garden mats each year. About 1/2 of the garden is now garden mats and the difference in crop size and weed issues are night and day to the part that isn’t covered by the mats. I am going to get more this year and try growing flowers to sell at the farmers market too! Thanks you for such a great product!

  13. melba anderson says:

    The product is excellent…. and it does just what it is designed to do. Keeps weeds out. I have a plastic handled broom that I use to keep the mats swept off. I am a repeat customer and I love the product. Peter and his staff get the orders out very quickly…. and the mats I ordered and used over 2 years ago are in great shape.. In your photos peter your garden is not fenced in. What are those sticks and what is on them—-soap? what kind. Thanks so much for such an great product. Will be placing another order soon.

  14. Sue Dooley says:

    Hi Peter,

    Where to begin, first of all, I love garden mat’s because of you. Your friendly kind and most of all how quickly you sent back emails when I had questions. How I trust your opinion and honesty and again how quickly you answered my emails and questions. How enthusiastic you were with your answers.

    As for the Garden Mats themselves. They are so easy to use, less weeding on this aging body and the more vegetables that I am able to grow and to share with others.

    As we prep the soil I can place just right amount of compost in the garden, spread the mats down, then plant. I do less back breaking bending when it comes to the weeding. Most of all I love the way the water and air goes right to the plants and helps keep the soil just the right temperature. The plants seem to thrive so much better now that I use Garden Mats. Mulching is a breeze as well. I just place mulch on the green mats, and not on the plants so simple.

    At the end of the summer it is easy to take the old plants out and put them in my compost pile, sweep off the mat, shake off the underside and give them a quick spray to clean them up. I then roll them up after they dry and store in my garage for the following year.

    Over the years my neighbors have seen my garden and have had many comments on how good it looks. But these last 2 years the neighbors have not only loved seeing how good it grows but are amazed at how many veggies are gowning. We tell them all about the mats and they have seen for themselves how well the garden does.

    The only sad part this last summer was the crop I had growing was fantastic for the first time in a long while I had very large pumpkins growing to give to my grandsons and some of my scouts. Because of the garden mats, they grew with no weeds, it was easy to feed them, they were the most perfect pumpkins we have ever grown.

    But some kind of critter dug under the fence, when we had taken the scouts on a kayak trip. We we never found the hole until after we came back from this week long trip. So the critter got to eat its fill of quiet a bit of veggies. As the person who was watering the garden did not notice the hole until later in the week. Still don’t know what kind of critter it was but it sure was a very full one at that.

    We since have fixed the hole, and changed some of plan for the garden this coming summer. We have moved the garlic to be around the perimeter of the garden and again using the Garden Mats. Like you suggested we cut the mats the way you told us to and we have the mats around with the garlic and mulch set for the winter.

    I am sure this will help keep the critter out.

    Our corn was fantastic last year as well and we were able to plant in sections, so when it was ready, it would be ready for different weeks. Everyone enjoyed the corn.

    Because of your fantastic Garden Mats, I am able to grow more veggies, less work and more time to be with my family, scouts and friends.

    Thank You so much.
    Sue Dooley

  15. Bret Meyer says:

    I used the Garden Mats for the first time last year. With out a doubt they are just plain amazing. I will be buying more this year to complete my garden. Literally the only weeding you have is next to the plants themselves. Thanks for a great product !!!

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