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Posted on February 4, 2022 by Peter Comart  |  4 comments

Click Here to see how easy it is to layout your garden for 2022.

I have laid out thousands of gardens.  It always starts with a pencil and piece of graph paper.  But not anymore.  Now you can do it yourself.  With our new garden layout tool, all you do is enter the dimensions of your plot and then click and drag the mats you want onto the grid.  Once you have the design you want, you can save and print your layout.  You can even order right from the layout tool.  And get this, the tool can even calculate the quantity of staples you need.   Click Here to see how easy it is to layout your garden for 2022.  You will need to use a computer or tablet.

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  1. sandy.ducharme says:

    Love it🥰🙏🏻💝 Happy spring thinking.

  2. Val says:

    Hi, I am very excited to use your mat this year! I love gardening, however, not weeeding so much. My gardens are large and I have several. I do have a question.You recommend not to place straw or mulch over the mat. Can you tell me why this would be?

    Thank you!

    • Peter Comart says:

      We do not put anything on top of the mats, because the mats act as mulch. They let air and water through, but block sunlight. If you put straw or mulch on top of the material, weeds can germinate in the mulch or straw and once the weeds begin to grow, they will root through the material and pin it down. Our material is designed strictly as a top cover, which means, nothing on top.

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